A meaningful Year-End Party in Koastal Eco

A meaningful Year-End Party in Koastal Eco

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Posted on: 04.02.24

A meaningful Year-End Party in Koastal Eco

We have witnessed the year 2023 full of challenges, in the fresh atmosphere of the new year, Koastal Eco organized a meaningful Year End Party for the Hanoi branch on the evening of January 27, 2023, and the Ho Chi Minh head branch on the evening of February 3, 2024. This event is not only an opportunity to reunite, but also an opportunity for us to look back on successes, learn from failures, and look forward to new and promising challenges.

The Board of Directors, with enthusiasm and careful preparation, created a joyful and positive atmosphere at the ceremony. From exquisite decorative spaces to captivating activity plans, every detail has been carefully taken care of, making Kostal's Year End Party an important and meaningful moment for every employee.

During the ceremony, the Board of Directors gave compliments and presented gifts and fresh flower bouquets to outstanding employees who have devoted themselves throughout the past year. They are united warriors who carry a strong team spirit and have contributed significantly to Koastal's successes. Their dedication and contribution are not only a great source of encouragement, but also a strong driving force for Koastal Eco to continue to prosper.

The staff and employees are the great pride of Koastal Eco Group, who constantly contribute their efforts and passion to build the "PRESTIGE" name that Koastal has been preserving in the hearts of customers. Thank you for all employees' wholeheartedness and dedication, which is a great motivation to help Koastal reach more success. The Board of Directors especially wants to send a deep thank you to them, for their endless efforts and passion, in creating a positive and effective working environment.

Happy New Year, and wish the entire Koastal family a new year filled with happiness, success, and steady progress!