Updating the project’s progress of the centralized wastewater treatment plant of Rang Dong Textile Industrial Park (Aurora IP)

Updating the project’s progress of the centralized wastewater treatment plant of Rang Dong Textile Industrial Park (Aurora IP)

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Posted on: 16.12.23

Updating the project’s progress of the centralized wastewater treatment plant of Rang Dong Textile Industrial Park (Aurora IP)

1. Setting goals for Rang Dong textile Industrial Park ( Aurora IP)

Designing and constructing the plant of treating the whole arising wastewater in Rang Dong Textile Industrial Park, with a total capacity of 110.000 m3/day, and capacity for Phase 1: 30.000 m3/day ( including 20.000 m3/day for low pollutant wastewater and 10.000 m3/day for raw textile and dyeing wastewater). Treated water is required to meet column A value according to QCVN 40:2011/ BTNMT (National Technical Regulation on Industrial Wastewater) and QCVN 13 – MT:2015/ BTNMT (National Technical Regulation on the effluent of textile industry) with kq=1; kf= 0,9 before it is flowed in the artificial drainage channel and discharged into the seaport.

In case the wastewater system has problems, or the treated wastewater plant does not meet the requirements, wastewater will be directed to the emergency pond with a longer retention time for storage before being pumped to the system for retreatment.

2. Scope and working schedule of Koastal Eco wastewater treatment company

The wastewater treatment plant for Phase 1 started to be constructed in April 2023 after Koastal Eco Group- specializing in industrial park wastewater treatment company completed its adjustment planning 1:500.

Recently, Koastal Eco completed line A ( The system that inputs low pollutant wastewater, with a capacity of 20.000 m3/day) and continues to conduct Module 1 (the system receives textile and dyeing wastewater, with a capacity of 10.000 m3/day).

Completing line A for Rang Dong Textile Industrial Park, Module 1

In Quarter I of 2024, the equipment will be installed and the technical system will be completed for trial operation and receiving industrial wastewater in the second quarter of 2024. It indicates Koastal Eco’s commitment to ensuring the progress and quality of the project.

3. The requirements and stratagic planning of the Investor

From the beginning of the bidding process, the Investor has determined that the centralized wastewater treatment plant must be a unique and model industrial park wastewater treatment, with a particular emphasis on aesthetics, circular economy, and sustainable development. Therefore, choosing a wastewater treatment contractor with sufficient resources, experience, and reputation in the Vietnamese market to implement this large-scale project is the top priority for the Investor.

All deliverables from the bidding package (including work items: design, construction, implementation of legal work, testing, acceptance, handover and operation) Koastal Eco must completely meet the following criteria according to the Investor's strategic planning as follows:

  • Having logical and synchronous planning and design, suitable for the orientation of the Investor that is an eco- smart Industrial Park and sustainable development
  • Advanced, modern and stable technology
  • Optimizing transportation practice
  • Satisfiing humane and sustainable goals
  • Suitable for the overall long-term development strategy of the Investor

Kostal Eco Industrial Wastewater Treatment Company is committed to fully meeting the strategic standards of the Investors and hopes to make a positive contribution to project success and community satisfaction. We believe that our close collaboration with the Investors will create an Aurora IP, which is not only a technological example but also a symbol of sustainable development and inclusiveness attracting medium-sized and large FDI enterprises from many countries around the world.

4. Application of industrial wastewater treatment technology

The effluent of the textile industry is a strict one to treat because it contains high levels of organic and inorganic substances, dyes, and toxic compounds that inhibit the activity of microorganisms. To solve this challenge, the Research and Development (R&D) team at Koastal Eco has focused on researching and developing advanced technology specifically for treating this special type of wastewater.

Koastal Eco is currently applying two suitable industrial wastewater treatment technologies: UASB (Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket) and MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) in the wastewater treatment process at Rang Dong Textile Industrial Park. These methods not only help reduce toxic content but also optimize treatment efficiency while ensuring sustainability and environmental safety. Through the application of these advances, Koastal Eco is committed to positively contributing to solving environmental problems in industry and promoting sustainable development.