Koastal Eco Team Building 2019 – “Together we make the change”

Koastal Eco Team Building 2019 – “Together we make the change”

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Posted on: 09.09.19

Koastal Eco Team Building 2019 – “Together we make the change”

The desire to create a friendly and close working environment – where every member feels comfortable as in his second home – is always the goal and effort of the Koastal Eco Group’s Board of Directors. Thus, a 2019 Team- building – “Together we make the change” was taken place in June 2019 for whole Koastal Eco Group members. This trip has been an opportunity for Koastal Eco Group members to become more engaged, thus, unanimously creating new breakthroughs.

Opening the 2019 Team-building was a series of exciting outdoor activities. Vung Tau beach seemed “hotter” with dances and “heart and soul” spirit of Koastal Eco Group members.


The 2019 Team-building was more exciting and explosive than ever with the participation of 3 teams. Everyone’s face was bright with the radiance and excitement.

Regardless of the game, no matter how difficult it was, everyone was unanimous to overcome the challenges with the spirit of winning, playing hard and playing to the end. The well-coordinated effort to strive for the ultimate goal created an extremely passionate atmosphere. Only joining that moment can show us how big and strong the team spirit of the Koastal Eco Group was. The feeling seemed broken when we win the challenges.


Ending the chain of physical activities, Koastal Eco Group family stepped into the Gala night filled with colorful music and laughter. Starting the party was a surprised performance of Koastal Eco Group’s “stars”, then Mr. Tran Anh Duc – General Director and Ms. Nguyen Thai Ha – Deputy General Director opened the “YOLO” show of Koastal Eco Group member. The Gala was also the night when the slogan “do your best – play hard” is most clearly expressed.


The 26th June, 2019 has been a memorable day for members of Koastal Eco Group – the day of working together will be the winner. It is certain that such regular activities will continue to be maintained and replicated so that each member always feels proud and happy to be a member of the big family Koastal Eco Gro