Koastal Eco Year end party 2018

Koastal Eco Year end party 2018

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Posted on: 26.01.19

Koastal Eco - Year end party 2018

Ending the successful of 2018 and welcoming the spring of 2019, on January 26th, 2019, Koastal Eco Industries Family gathered together at the year-end party of 2018. This is an opportunity for members of Koastal Eco Industries which can meet and share the successes and difficulties during the past year with each other.

Opening the party, on behalf of BOD, Mr. Tran Anh Duc – General Director had the speech that send the profound thanks to the all employees of company. Besides, he also reviewed the successes and the difficulties experience during the past year by the strength from the efforts and consensus of all member in the company, from the BOD to all employees of every department.

With the careful preparation of Year end Party’ s Organizer, the successful of Koastal Eco Industries in 2018 was introduced to all guests and members of company through a video clip. Together, everyone reviewed the memory, difficulty and successful experience in 2018 that have contributed a part of the effort to create this.

Opening the year – end party, Mr. Tran Anh Duc, Mr Ting Tek Jin – Chairman of the Koastal Eco Group and member of Koastal Eco Industries’s Family from the Hanoi and HCM Office raised a glass of champagne to congratulate the success of Koastal Eco Industries in the past year.

The year – end party is also the time for the member of Koastal Eco Industries to show “the hidden talents”, for example: sing, dance, music instrument performance and fashion show, not only is brought a lively atmosphere but also is connected the member together. Those were the moments when the team stayed together after work time to create and complete the ideas of designing the eco-friendly costumes, or to practice together for the music performance.



Besides, there are a game with attractive gifts from the Organizer to connect people together and make the party’s atmosphere more exciting.

The most anticipated item in the year – end party is the lucky draw. This year’s award is very impressive, including: 20 consolation prizes, 10 fourth prizes, 06 third prizes – Samsung Galaxy J6, 03 second prizes – Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018), 01 first prizes – Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) and 01 special prize – Dell Inspiron 5570 I5 Laptop.

After the thrilling moments, the owner of the special prize appeared, Mr. Tran Phuoc Lam – Deputy Head of Electrical Department was the luckiest person tonight when he received the most valuable reward from the Chairman Ting Teck Jin.

Closing the year – end party is informed the award of the performance contest. This year, Project Department couldn’t protect the championship from the year – end party 2017, the championship position of the contest is belonged to Fashion show of Process Department. The second prize belongs to the Project Department and 02 third prizes belong to Planning and Purchasing Department. Once again, congratulations the all departments that have won, maybe the moments when everyone together tried to practice and prepare for the performance contest today is more important than the prize.

The year – end party was a great success. Have Koastal Eco Family a new year prosperity, gaining more successful and see you again at the New year Party.