“Sow one seed – contribute one love” to help ethnic children in the central highlands

“Sow one seed – contribute one love” to help ethnic children in the central highlands

“KOASTAL- For the community” Fund

Posted on: 12.10.23

“Sow one seed – contribute one love” to help ethnic children in the central highlands

Recently, on 9th December 2023, a charity trip called "Sow one Seed - Contribute one Love" was organized and ended with full emotion and love in the eyes and smiles of students from 3 schools in Ea Drong Commune, Buon Ho Town, Dak Lak Province.

Ea Drong commune, Buon Ho town, Dak Lak province is known as the home to 100% of Ede ethnic people with many families belonging to poor, hard living conditions, and difficult households.

The "Sow one seed - Contribute one love" program is part of a series of annual volunteer activities of the "Koastal - For the Community" Foundation of Koastal Eco Group, to share some of the difficulties and give more motivation to poor students in Ea Drong commune, Buon Ho town, Dak Lak province.

1.    The journey of a charity bus filled with love

On the afternoon of December 8, 2023, the volunteer trip to the sunny and windy Central Highlands was rolled out from Ho Chi Minh City. On this trip, everyone was excited but anxious at the same time because they were about to become "Santa Claus" bringing valuable scholarships and meaningful gifts to ethnic minority students who have extremely difficult circumstances, but still achieve good academic results.

After a long journey, overcoming winding mountain passes and overtaking hundreds of kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City to reach Buon Ma Thuot Coffee City, Dak Lak Highlands welcomed our convoy with cold weather winter in December.

The members were present in Dak Lak with excitement

With the wish of "Sow one seed", we have prepared numerous gifts for more than 70 students from 3 schools: No Trang Long Primary School, Tran Quoc Toan Primary School, and To Vinh Dien Secondary School. Moreover, we also have delivered 20 scholarships (including cash and bicycles) and gifts (including essential items such as backpacks, notebooks, pens, seasoning, fish sauce, cooking oil, rice, and warm clothes) to the children to "Contribute one love" from the “Koastal - For the Community” Foundation.

One person, one hand, ready for work

In response to those gifts, the children's happiness was expressed through their looks, and their smiles, spreading to the hearts of the members of the group. Although materially it is not much, spiritually it is the whole love of the Koastal - For the Community Foundation, the members of the volunteers as well as the benefactors who have contributed to this trip.

More than 70 gifts and scholerships delivered to students

At the end of that trip, 18 volunteer hearts - Representatives of the Koastal - For the Community Foundation in particular and members of Koastal Eco Group in general - experienced the difficult living conditions of the Ede ethnic people. From there, we appreciate what we have more and try to strive harder.

2.    Thanks

The Fund's Board of Directors would like to thank the Party Committee - People's Committee of Ea Drong commune, and the Board of Directors of the schools here, for their very warm, thoughtful, and grateful welcome. Thanks to your welcome and support, we could complete the charity program in a successful and meaningful.

The Fund's Board of Directors would also like to sincerely thank the contributions and kindness of the Board of Directors, all Koastal Eco members, partners, and sponsors. In this warm Christmas holiday, we have done some very meaningful things together.

Ea Drong Commune People's Committee sent fresh flower bouquets to representatives of the Koastal Eco Industries Co., Ld 

The “Sow one seed, Contribute one love” trip has written the charity journey full of love of the Koastal - For the Community Foundation. Furthermore, there is no doubt that in the years to come, this journey will continue, and we will once again set foot in every corner of the motherland and spread compassion to all parts of the country.